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Ailite GP2 ALT-90L Dry Cabinet Dry Box

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Ailite GP2-90L: Protecting Your Valuables in Optimal Conditions

The Ailite GP2-90L is a remarkable solution for preserving sensitive items. Explore its features, specifications, and the perfect humidity levels for various items in this comprehensive guide.

Introduction: The Ailite GP2-90L

In the realm of optimal storage solutions, the Ailite GP2-90L stands as a testament to innovation and precision. This advanced model boasts impeccable Inside Dimensions of W400D340H630, with Packaging size/mm at W480D425H735. With a power consumption of 12W, it’s surprisingly efficient, weighing in at 18kg.

The Power of Controlled Humidity

The Ailite GP2-90L comes equipped with a sophisticated Relative Humidity Chart, ensuring that your precious belongings remain in pristine condition. By maintaining precise humidity levels, it safeguards your valuables from the harmful effects of moisture and other environmental factors.

Protecting a Variety of Items

Humidity Levels and Protection Scope:

  • 60%-55%: Carbon paper, fax paper, uniques, pictures, money, stamps, printed paper, etc.
  • 55%-45%: Cameras, video cameras, lenses, microscopes, binoculars, CDs, films, instruments, fur, medical supplies, etc.
  • 45%-35%: Metals without iron, semiconductors, circuit boards, tungsten wire, IC cards, batteries, etc.
  • 35%-25%: Precise measures, optical apparatus, electricity, detectors, lenses, medical materials, etc.
  • 25%-15%: Special chemical materials, medical apparatus, samples, seeds, pollen, etc.

These protection levels ensure that the Ailite GP2-90L can handle a wide array of valuable items, ensuring their longevity and functionality.

Why Choose the Ailite GP2-90L?

The Ailite brand has been synonymous with quality, and the GP2-90L is no exception. Its thoughtful design, efficient power usage, and unparalleled protection make it a top choice for those who value the preservation of their belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Is the Ailite GP2-90L suitable for preserving delicate electronics? Absolutely! The humidity control mechanism ensures optimal conditions for delicate electronic devices, safeguarding them from potential damage.

  2. Can the Ailite GP2-90L be used for storing collectibles like stamps and rare books? Indeed, the Ailite GP2-90L provides the perfect humidity levels required for preserving such collectibles in pristine condition.

  3. Does the Ailite GP2-90L consume a lot of power? Not at all! With a power consumption of just 12W, it is remarkably energy-efficient.

  4. What are the dimensions of the Ailite GP2-90L? The inside dimensions are W400D340H630, with packaging dimensions at W480D425H735.

  5. Is the Ailite GP2-90L easy to operate? Absolutely, the Ailite GP2-90L is designed for user convenience, making it easy to operate and maintain.

  6. Can I store unique, valuable documents in the Ailite GP2-90L? Certainly, it's perfect for preserving unique documents, valuable papers, and more.


In summary, the Ailite GP2-90L is a remarkable storage solution designed to maintain optimal humidity levels for a wide range of items. Its efficient design, user-friendly operation, and exceptional protection capabilities make it a valuable asset for those who value the preservation of their possessions.