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Red Buffalo Shoot-28 Handycam Compact Video Shooting Camera Travel Handycam

Regular price
RM 399.00
Sale price
RM 399.00
Regular price
RM 399.00

Unleash Your Creative Potential with the Shoot 28 Handycam

Capture life's precious moments in stunning 2.7K video and 35MP photos with this versatile digital camcorder. The Shoot 28 combines advanced imaging capabilities with user-friendly features, making it the perfect companion for content creators and enthusiasts alike.

Professional-Grade Imaging:

- 2.7K video recording for ultra-high resolution footage

- 35MP image sensor for detailed, high-quality photos

- 16x optical zoom for versatile framing and capture

Creative Controls:

- Time-lapse, slow-motion, and photo modes

- Motion detection and anti-shake for stable results

- Infrared night vision for enhanced low-light visibility

User-Friendly Design:

- 3.0-inch touch screen for intuitive menu navigation

- Remote control for convenient operation

- External hot shoe for attaching accessories

- Multi-language menu for a seamless experience

Versatile Storage and Connectivity:

- Removable disk for mass storage and file transfer

- SD/MMC card support up to 128GB

- USB 2.0 for fast data transfer

- HDMI output for connecting to TVs and monitors

Advanced Features:

- Aperture control (F/3.2) for optimal light management

- Auto white balance for accurate color representation

- Auto shut-down to conserve battery life

- Rechargeable 800mAh battery for extended use

Experience the power and versatility of the Shoot 28 Handycam. Create stunning visual content with ease and let your creativity shine.

Includes: Handycam, USB charger, remote control, storage pouch, battery, HDMI cable, cleaning cloth, and user manual.