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Premium Grade - NB-11L Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery [Unbranded]

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Premium Grade - NB-11L Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery [Unbranded]

Warranty: 3 months


  • Compatible with various camera models utilizing NB-11L batteries, including but not limited to:
    • Canon PowerShot ELPH Series
    • Canon PowerShot A Series
    • Canon PowerShot SX Series
    • PowerShot A2300 IS, A2400 IS, A2500, A2600, A3400 IS, A3500 IS, A4000 IS, ELPH 110 HS, ELPH 115 HS, ELPH 130 HS, ELPH 135 IS, ELPH 140 IS, ELPH 150 IS, ELPH 160, ELPH 170 IS, ELPH 320 HS, ELPH 340 HS, ELPH 350 HS, SX400 IS, SX410 IS.

Product Overview:

Introducing the NB-11L Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery, a reliable power source for your camera. Crafted with quality and performance in mind, this battery is designed to meet your photography needs.

With a warranty of 3 months, you can trust in the durability and longevity of this battery. Its compatibility extends to a range of camera models utilizing NB-11L batteries, ensuring versatility and ease of use.

Our battery undergoes rigorous testing to meet industry standards for safety and performance. With premium-grade materials and advanced technology, you can capture your precious moments with confidence, knowing your camera is powered by a dependable energy source.