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The Hoya ND Filter ND8 is a neutral density filter that reduces the amount of light entering your camera lens by 3 stops. This allows you to achieve various creative effects in your photography, such as:

  • Longer shutter speeds: By blocking some light, the filter allows you to use slower shutter speeds without overexposing your image. This is useful for blurring motion, like flowing water or waterfalls, or creating light trails with moving objects.
  • Wider apertures: With less light coming through, you can open the aperture wider, resulting in shallower depth of field for isolating your subject and creating a pleasing bokeh effect.
  • Balanced exposures in high-contrast scenes: In situations with bright skies and dark foregrounds, the ND filter can help even out the exposure for a more balanced image.

Here are some key features of the Hoya ND Filter ND8:

  • Made of high-quality optical glass: Ensures sharpness and minimal color cast.
  • Multi-coated: Reduces internal reflections and flare for better image quality.
  • Neutral density: Maintains the natural color balance of your scene.
  • Available in various sizes: Fits most popular lens diameters.

Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Affordable compared to other ND filters.
  • Versatile for various creative effects.
  • Easy to use and understand.


  • 3-stop reduction might not be enough for some situations.
  • May require adjustments to other camera settings.
  • May introduce a slight vignetting on wide-angle lenses.

Who is it for?

This filter is a good choice for photographers of all levels who want to:

  • Experiment with longer shutter speeds and wider apertures.
  • Capture balanced exposures in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Enhance creative control over their images.