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Godox V1 Round Headed Flash Speedlite (Nikon)

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Here are the key specifications for the Godox V1 Round Headed Flash for Nikon:

- Compatibility: Nikon Cameras with iTTL support

- Guide Number: 60m ISO 100 @ 200mm

- Zoom Range: 20-200mm (14mm with built-in wide angle panel)

- Power Supply: Lithium ion Battery Pack (up to 650 Full Power Flashes)

- Recycle Time: 0.5-2.2s

- Modes: TTL, Manual, Multi

- Wireless: 2.4G Radio System, Optical Slave

- Display: Dot-matrix LCD Panel

- Dimensions: 76 x 145 x 118mm

- Weight: 530g

Key Features:

- Round flash head and large reflector for natural catchlights

- Powerful output with 200Ws maximum power 

- Lithium ion battery for fast recycling and long life

- Built-in 2.4G radio receiver for wireless control

- Full iTTL and manual power control

- Complete sync and exposure compensation functions

- Works as an optical slave flash

- Durable metal construction with locking foot

Overall, the Godox V1 is a powerful and versatile speedlite for Nikon cameras with both radio and optical wireless capabilities. It provides excellent performance for on and off-camera flash photography.